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Contemplation - an inward journey

Contemplation - an inward journey

I've just collected my textured snowy mountain from Andy, and he's framed it beautifully. The frame really does complement the painting.

I've also finally named the  painting Contemplation - an inward journey.

After not seeing Contemplation for a while, I am able to see it with fresh eyes. The texture paste on the mountain creates a striking effect. It is something I wouldn’t have been able to achieve with paints alone.

The mountain is quite powerful, and for me it conjures up the feeling of a lonely snowy mountain. The sky creates a moody and dramatic atmosphere, and the painting evokes stronger feelings than the original photograph.

This is how Contemplation developed over time. I am quite happy with the final result and perhaps this is the first of many textured paintings I produce.

How Contemplation developed
Contemplation - stages of development


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