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Creating a snowy mountain with Daler Rowney texture paste - Stage 3

By Steve Jurvetson – http://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/604222/

After completing Stage 2 of my textured painting of a snowy mountain, I realised I needed to start working on the bottom half of the mountain. This should help give me a better picture of how the painting is developing, and it will give me an idea of how to improve it. At the moment I feel a bit stuck on the top half, so working away from it should help.

The photograph on the left is the reference photograph I am using for my textured painting.


Textured snowy mountain- Stage 3
Textured painting after darkening the bottom of the mountain

Stage 3: Painting the rest of the mountain

I diluted the black ivory Artisan water mixable oil with water, and painted a thin wash on the bottom half of the mountain. Once it dried, I started to paint the darker areas of the mountain with black to give it some form. The photograph on the right shows how it looked.

I then started to darken the areas further and tried to add some of the white snow stripes, but I just could get it to look right. It looked very messy and not like stripes at all.

Luckily the oils are easy to wipe off, so this is what I did and tried again with no luck. I decided to leave it alone until my next painting and drawing class.

Mark suggested I darken the shaded areas even more to give it more of a contrast. I did this and the painting looked much better. It finally started to look like a mountain.

Gum Interdental Brush

When I explained to Mark I was having problems painting the snow stripes on the mountain,  he suggested using a coarse brush, like a wire brush, to achieve the white snow stripes. I would never have thought of this.

I was unable to find a coarse brush in the shop I went to, but I did find some gum interdental brushes that I thought might work. I tried creating some snow stripes using the gum interdental brush, but it just looked messy. I wiped it off and painted over the area.

Stage 3: Painting the rest of the mountain

The textured painting now looks like this:

What worked?

Adding the dark shadows really transformed the mountain and it now looks like a mountain. You can see its form clearly.

What didn't work?

I just couldn't paint the snow stripes on the mountain properly. When I used the interdental brush, the lines were too fine and it just didn't look right. It looked messy.

I don't think it helped trying to paint on a wet surface. The brush was picking up the black paint so I was getting grey lines rather white.

What improvements can I make?

I'm going to wait until the paint on the textured picture has completely dried before I attempt to paint the snow stripes again.

I need to get a coarse bristled brush that I can cut into, and use it to paint the stripes. Fingers crossed it will work. I think I can still use the interdental  brush for the areas with very fine snow.

This is how the textured painting has developed over the last few weeks. You can see the the final stage, stage 4 and the finished painting here.

How the textured snowy painting has developed since I've started it

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