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Creating a snowy mountain with Daler Rowney texture paste - Stage 2

I'm continuing to work on the textured snowy mountain painting I started a couple of weeks ago. After finishing Stage 1 I can see I need to build up the colours on the mountain top so that it starts to look more like the photograph. I also need to paint the sky, which in theory should have been the first thing I painted. With paintings you generally work from back to front.

This is how my picture compares to the original photograph after Stage 1:

Photo used and Stage 1 of painting
By Steve Jurvetson – http://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/604222/                             Stage 1 of textured painting

Stage 2: Choosing and painting the sky

Layer of the sky behind the mountain. Reference photo for textured painting.

With the help of Photoshop, I took a section of a photograph taken of the sky, altered the colours slightly so that it fit in with the landscape. I put the sky layer behind the Stage 1 photograph, which you can see in the picture opposite. I was then able to use this photograph as a reference to paint the sky on the textured painting.

The Artisan oil colours I used to paint the sky were ivory black, titanium white and a tiny amount of cerulean blue hue. I used the oils without thinning them.

Once I started painting the sky I realised that the blue seen in the reference photograph was too strong for the textured painting, so I decided to only used a minuscule amount of the cerulean blue to give it a slightly brighter tone. The colour of the painted sky is mostly grey.

Painted sky in snowy mountain textured painting

Here is a close up of the sky as the full photograph I took didn't do it any justice. It is lighter in real and I painted the highlights at the top of the sky white. Unfortunately this has been lost in the photographs I've taken of the textured painting.

After finishing the sky I continued working on the top of the mountain. The below left hand side photograph shows how the painting looked afterwards.

Stage 2: Painting the sky and the top of the mountain

What worked?

The sky works really well and creates a moody and dramatic atmosphere.

I usually work with a lot of colours, so it's new for me just to work with such a limited colour palette of black, white and blue. I wasn't sure if I would be able to evoke an emotion with these colours, but I think I have with the sky.

What didn't work?

When I worked on the top of the mountain, I lost some of the detail as well as the darker shades. It still doesn't really look like the photograph.

What improvements can I make?

I need to start working on the bottom of the mountain, this will give me a better idea of what I need to do to the top mountain to improve it. I'll do it in the next stage, Stage 3, which you can see here.

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