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Watching the sunset over Rome

Thomas and I have just arrived from our first trip to ancient Rome. We arrived at Rome's Fiumicino airport, otherwise known as Leonardo da Vinci airport, quite late in the evening so we weren't able to see much on our train journey to Frascati, which is where we were staying.

By the time we arrived, Thomas and I were both exhausted and extremely hungry. It was around 9.30pm and we had been travelling since 11am. There wasn't a taxi in sight and the telephone for a taxi was out of order. We were slightly worried. Luckily the hotel we were staying at, Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana, offered a shuttle service so after a quick phone call we were there in no time.

As we drove up to the Villa Tuscolana, my first impression when I saw this gorgeous building was wow. It was majestic and elegant, and was beautifully lit.  As we walked through the large doors the interior was just as impressive as the exterior. With high ceilings, chandeliers and exquisite furnishings, it was a palace.  I felt like a princess.

We quickly checked in at 10pm. Our tummies were rumbling. Ordinarily the restaurant stops serving food at this time but they kindly stayed open for us. The waiters were wonderful and even though we kept them from closing up, they were welcoming and extremely friendly.

We had the most delicious sea-bream. The fish was moist and tender, and it's skin was crispy and perfectly seasoned. It was accompanied by a bottle of white wine from Frascati. The wine was divine, it was fresh with a hint of citrus, perfect with the fish. Our tummies were now happy and we were merry and eager to explore Rome the following day.

When we woke up the following morning we were able to take in the splendour of the Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana properly. The 16th century villa is perfectly situated on top of a hill, giving a spectacular view of Rome. I felt as if I was on top of the world.

When Thomas and I returned from our first day in Rome, we got back to the hotel just in time to witness the most gorgeous sunset I've ever seen. The warm golden colours of yellows, oranges and pinks just took my breath away. Even though we took in some amazing sights in Rome that day, this was the highlight of my day. I was so excited by its beauty, I just had to capture it. You could see both the sun and the moon. It was breathtaking.

2 thoughts on “Watching the sunset over Rome

  1. Stunning sunset pictures Priti. Beautiful. I've never seen the moon like that at the same time as such a sunset. Great photo.

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