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Flying Over to Ancient Rome

Flying over the Swiss Alps

I have just returned from visiting the beautiful sites of ancient Rome, and I have to admit the plane journey there and back was just as exciting for me as the holiday itself.

I always enjoy travelling on a plane, the take off is always a thrill and flying amongst the clouds is just magical, but the flight to Rome was extra special. We flew over the Swiss Alps and they were just spectacular.

We were extremely lucky because on our outward journey the sky was completely clear, there wasn't a cloud in sight to obstruct the magnificent view. We could take in and experience the vastness and beauty of the Alps. The only word that sprung to my mind was wow! The snowy caps were clearly visible, the shapes and textures were just awesome. The Alps just drew me in and I couldn't wait for our return journey so that I could experience them again.

Unfortunately the sky wasn't as clear on our return journey and the clouds hid many of the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps, but I did manage to take these photographs from the window of our plane. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to have a closer look at these magnificent creations of nature in the future.

Swiss Alps
Flying over Germany


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