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The Stunning Cliffs of Howth


On my recent trip to Dublin I went to Howth and climbed the dizzying heights of Howth Head. I have to say its stunning cliffs have cast a magical spell over me.

It was a perfect summers day, the sun was shining, the sea was shimmering beautiful shades of aqua blue and everything looked lush and green.

Our journey up and around Howth Head was a long and exhausting one, but it was worth every step because the landscape was absolutely breathtaking. There were many moments when we just had to stop and take in its beauty.

Overlooking the cliff
Overlooking the cliff

Homes have been built on Howth Head, with many having large windows, and rightly so. Why would anyone want walls to hang paintings on their walls, when all they have to do is have a window showing the most beautiful painting created by nature. It must be wonderful waking up to such a gorgeous sight every day.

Plant looking like a miniature tree

Howth Head is covered with an array of wild plants and a multitude of textures. This was perfect for me as I am looking at the different textures of grass, trees, foliage for a game project I'm working on at the moment. The plant on the left looks like miniature trees.

Spider's web

There was also an enchanting piece of artwork created by a spider weaving its delicate web. No soft filters were needed to create the magical image below.

There are several peaks on Howth Heath and the cliffs draw you in. It is amazing to stand on the edge of the cliff, but I did feel a bit queasy. One wrong step could be fatal. Here is a view from the edge of one of the cliffs.

View from the cliff
Rocky landscape of Howth

We walked through the wilder parts on the second half of our journey. We went through woodlands and passed huge rocky landscapes. With their pastel shades of pink, grey and cream, the boulders looked as if they had risen from the bottom of the sea.

Woodlands in Howth


After spending almost six hours on our feet, we were all totally exhausted and hungry. Being in a fishing village was perfect because we reached the fish mongers just before they closed to get our catch of the day. Rainbow trout has never tasted so good.

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