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Drawing is easy as ABC with a Tablet PC

I've never felt comfortable drawing on my ordinary PC because I could never control the mouse, the mouse always seemed to control me. I couldn't get smooth lines because my hand was never steady enough, and no it wasn't after a few drinks. I always found it frustrating and time consuming so I kept drawing on my computer to a minimum, but that has now changed and I have gone to the other side.  I have finally caught up with the 21st century and have discovered the the magic of drawing on the tablet PC.

Spaceship design for gameI couldn't contain my excitement when Thomas introduced me to the ArtRage Studio program on his tablet PC last year. I was amazed with what you can do. I felt as if I had been living in a cave because I never even knew they existed. It's a fantastic tool for any artist. Having the pen to draw with on the tablet PC is like putting pen to paper. You have complete control. I can now achieve smooth lines even after a drink or two. Most importantly it is no longer frustrating, the tablet PC's a joy to work with and I get as much pleasure working on it as I do when I put paint to canvas.

The ArtRage Studio program is just amazing. You can paint with oils or water colours, and you even wash your brushes out as you would normally, but the beauty of this is that you can paint without the mess. You can sketch and draw, and if you make a mistake you can erase it without leaving any smudge marks on the paper. You can use pencils, crayons, chalks, airbrushes, paint brushes, a palette knife, felt pens, ink pens and even glitter. You also have a never ending palette of colours which you can mix to create your own colours. It really is extraordinary.

I am currently using the ArtRage program to produce concept artwork for a role playing game Thomas and I are working on. I have never felt confident drawing portraits and figures because I could never get them to look real. However, I can no longer run as I am responsible for all the artwork, including the characters. It felt like a daunting task but the tablet PC is making Portrait of the alien my life a lot easier. These are portraits of two of the characters in the game. I have used the pencil for drawing and the palette knife for shading. The spaceship above is another sketch for the game. I have a long way to go but the tablet PC and ArtRage is making my journey a lot smoother and I'm having a lot of fun along the way.

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